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Wholesale & Consignment

We frequently get asked if we work with local shops and retailers on Wholesale and Consignment arrangements. The answer is YES, with a few minor details.  Contact us and we can talk further.



When we Wholesale with retailers we ask just a few things.  

     First, We ask that you purchase a minimum quantity of each item you are interested in.  We will vary colors, but the overall design (image, text, etc.)  must stay the same.  We will also gladly create a design or theme that is exclusive to your shop.  However, we ask that you purchase a minimum of five (5) pieces of that same design (color variations are acceptable).  It takes us time to design and setup the piece and it's not cost effective to make and sell you only one piece or 5 variations of the piece (different names, images, etc).  

     Second, be fair and reasonable with pricing.  We are all in this together and ultimately to make some money.  We are open to negotiate a wholesale cost, but it needs to be fair for both sides.  (Example: Negotiating a piece from us at $15 and turn around and sell it for $80).  The more quantity you order, the better we can do on the price, but please don't take advantage.

     Lastly,  If you request a custom design that is out of the realm of what we would sell on our own, and it doesn't sell in your shop, please don't request a trade or credit on that piece.  We will gladly assist you in selling it if it has been in your shop for a while, but ultimately that is your custom design which was made for your customer base, not ours.


A few things about our Consignment policy.

  • Consignment is on a minimum 50% / 50% split.

  • Dockside Woodworking retains full ownership of all pieces that are put on consignment.  If a piece is not selling and you would like a replacement piece or need the space for other merchandise, please contact us and we will promptly remove it from your store.

  • We reserve the right to continue to sell any pieces that are on consignment.  If Dockside Woodworking is contacted about selling a piece that is on consignment in your shop, Dockside Woodworking will retain 100% of the sale price for that item.

  • If you wish to discount all items in your store, please do not discount any of our consignment pieces below 20% of the negotiated price.  If you are doing a storewide sale and wish to discount any pieces made by Dockside Woodworking below 20%, we ask that you contact us first.